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Put these on.

Sam and Dean showing off their pool skills

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Drive-In Movie. San Francisco. 1948.
Photographer: Allan Grant


Marvel Treasury Edition ads (1974-75).

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Sam Winchester meme;

✯ favorite relationships/ships/interactions {2/8}: Sam and Cas

"Nothing is worth losing you."

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Norma Jeane married James Dougherty when she turned sixteen, the age of consent in California, on June 19 1942, thereby escaping the threat of being returned to an orphanage when her foster family moved out of state. Dougherty was born in April 1921 and was five years older than Norma was. At the end of 1943, the young couple settled for a few months on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles, a fashionable resort before the war.
It is likely that this long note, uncharacteristically typed, was written at this time. One can’t help being surprised, even impressed, by the maturity if this seventeen-year old girl, whose feelings of disillusionment are plain from the first sentence, as she examines her marriage and what she expects from life, and faces the fear of her husband’s betrayal. Nevertheless, the disjointedness of the text turbulent emotions.
The “other woman” she mentions might be a defence to Doris Ingram, her young husbands former girlfriend and a Santa Barbara beauty queen. The couple were divorced on September 13, 1946.

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Sandwich Shop is live!

I feel so fortunate to make things every day and am very excited to launch my new line of ceramics called Artifact. Click through to see the whole collection.

Sandwich Shop

 London Playboy bunnies at Sandown Park Racecourse, 1967